We combine the best of social media experts, powerful software & innovative methodology to bring you all the benefits from using social media to promote your company, brands, products or services.

Imagine being able to see all the tasks, activities, events, promotions, graphics, comments and etc from one single login anywhere. This is what our powerful social media marketing workstation will provide you as our client: complete social media dashboard for tasks tracking, profiling, targeting, approving, monitoring, messaging & more.

Astar TechnologyWe as your Social Media Manager also use the same platform to provide reporting to you & to monitor, track, control & assign all our team activities across the social media networks.

You will have a large pool of experts & talents utilising the latest software & solutions to work for you at a tiny fraction of the costs compare to hiring your own social media marketing team.

Plan, Create, Optimize & Maintain:

  • Facebook Pages, Applications, News Feeds, Events, Contests, Groups, Targeted Ads, Offers etc.
  • Twitter, connects businesses to customers in real-time. Quickly share information, gather real-time market intelligence & feedback, build relationships with customers, partners and influential people.
  • YouTube, world’s most popular online video community to generate awareness & publicity about your company, brands, products & services.
  • LinkedIn, world’s largest social network for professionals. Let us expand your professional connections, showcase your profile, target professionals, conduct B2B marketing and recruit the best for you.
  • Instagram, the biggest photo sharing social network – let your awesome photos do the talking for you. Promote your brand, company, products & services in a visually fun way.
  • Integration of your website or blog with the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube to maximize your exposure & publicity.
  • Website or Blog Design, Hosting, Updates & Maintenance.
  • Landing Pages Design and Copy-writing.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  • E-Commerce or Promoting on Online Marketplaces.
  • Directory or Portal development.
  • Social Listening and Monitoring
  • Online Survey Website.
  • Contest and Voting Website.
  • ICO Marketing.
  • Email Marketing System.
  • Forum Seeding and Engagement.
  • Mobile App or Web for iOS and Android devices.
  • SMS Broadcast Marketing.
  • E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Graphic Design & Printing.
  • Professional Photography & Editing.
  • Professional Video Shooting & Editing.

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